1T4M Hydraulic Yacht Deck Crane

Hydraulic yacht deck cranes are an essential component of many small boats like yachts, tenders or jet skis.

OUCO 1T4M Yacht Crane is the perfect solution for lifting your raft or other equipment above the water or lowering it into the sea.

With its flexible design, you can easily move heavy loads and access hard-to-reach areas.

It is easy to install and easy to use, making it an ideal choice for any boat owner. With its durable stainless construction and reliable lifting capacity, the OUCO yacht deck crane will provide you with years of reliable service.

In addition, it can also be used as a crane for harbor operations, utilizing its own weight in order to lift goods and equipment with ease.

Get your hands on this excellent boat crane today and make your boat handling needs a breeze!


OUCO 1T4M yacht deck crane adopts Hydraulic System, aluminum structure, stainless steel material, and wired control. It provides a safe and reliable lifting operation.
As a scalable compact crane, Base Plates or Support Post Mounting are all available. In addition, we can customize any additional features for you:

  • Boom Light
  • Color Match and LOGO
  • التحكم عن بعد بالراديو
  • خطاف سريع التحرير
  • Fibre Hoisting Rope
  • Other Requested Custom Specifications
Yacht Deck Crane Custom Specifications

Our yacht deck cranes come with parameters that can be fine-tuned, providing versatility and ensuring optimal performance.

1 SWL 1 طنًا 4 م
2 الأعلى. نصف قطر العمل 4m
3 الحد الأدنى. نصف قطر العمل 1m
4 سرعة الرفع 0 ~ 3m / دقيقة
5 السفر هوك 5m
6 سرعة الدوران 0.4r / دقيقة
7 زاوية الدوران 360 º
8 الوقت المستغرق ~ 30 ثانية
9 البحر Level<2
10 Elec-Motor power 2 * 2.2KW
11 حالة صالحة للعمل TRIM≦2º, HEEL≦5º
12 الوزن الميت 680كغم
13 درجة الحرارة -10℃- +40 ℃
14 الطبقة Insukate F
15 مصدر الطاقة AC440V / 60HZ
16 حماية الطبقة IP56
17 نوع العمل S1


We understand that each yacht has specific requirements and our team of experienced engineers can work closely with our clients to provide the perfect production drawings to meet their precise needs.

We have a standard production process to complete the production efficiently, and our customers are welcome to visit and check the progress at any time.

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Our factory is certified by ABS, CCS, BV, and DNV.

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With our commitment to quality and service, we are confident that our deck crane will provide an unparalleled experience to yacht enthusiasts.

Can you customize the 1T4M yacht deck crane for me?

As a provider of high-quality yacht deck cranes, we are pleased to inform our valued customers that our cranes support customization to suit their unique needs.

كيف أقوم بتثبيته؟

We are pleased to inform you that our yacht deck cranes are delivered as a complete package, streamlining the installation process for your convenience.

While an installation manual is readily available to guide you through the installation process, we also offer engineer installation services upon request. Please note that this service is subject to a fee, which we would be happy to discuss further with you.

How do I get replacement parts?

Contact your sales consultant with the request. We will send you the parts that need to be replaced.

كيف تشحن؟

As per your request, we can arrange shipping by sea or road to any major port worldwide.

How long is the warranty on this product?

أشهر 12.

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By إيما وايت on 2021-02-12
I'm extremely happy with my purchase and would highly recommend this crane to anyone looking for a reliable and efficient lifting solution.
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Thanks OUCO
By أندرسون on 2022-03-10
The crane is incredibly sturdy and well-built, and it's made all of my lifting tasks much easier.
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By رافي باتل on 2019-04-16
The crane is versatile and very easy to operate. It has made loading and unloading much easier.
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